To the mutual satisfaction and by many successful years, Alura med has been exclusive representative and distributor of the following producers:

MULTIPLATE, the impedance aggregometry, platelet function analyzer
CoaguChek® Pro II – point of care PT and aPTT testing

Viscoelastic Thromboelasography, differential diagnosis of acute bleeding - “bleeding management”

Terraplasma Medical GmbH
Inovative solution for wound care with cold plasma

LSI Medience Corporation/PHC Europe
PATHFAST analyser for fast diagnosis of sepsis (Presepsin®), determining of cardiac markers (hsTroponin I, Mioglobin, CK-MB, NTproBNP), D-Dimer, hsCRP, βHCG

Antitoxin GmbH
Reagents and bed-side cards for blood grouping

DRG Diagnostics GmbH
DRG:HYBRID.XL analyzer for measurement of Hepcidin and other parameters

Gelita Medical GmbH
Resorptive haemostatic gauze and sponge (local hemostat) for rapid control of bleeding.

Gel cards and authomated systems for blood group testing

ViroGates, Danmark
suPARnostic assay – enables fast stratification risk and relaible prognosis assesment in patient admiting in emergency room as well as during the clinical treatment

Medical Electronic Systems
The World Leader in Auomated Semen Analysis

Renal Sense
Clarity RMSTM – monitoring system that continuously measures urine flow and provides an early sign of AKI risk.

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